Friday, June 15, 2012

Workshop in the Hakozaki campus of Kyushu University

I gave a workshop in the chemistry department located at the Hakozaki campus of Kyushu University on Jun. 5, 2012. The workshop was hosted by Prof. Teruo Shinmyozu. Since participants are undergraduate, graduate students and some faculty members of Kyushu univ., so I gave some more details about the chemistry of molecular beading. Particularly, I talked about that the connection between beads and valence electron pairs. Bead models of molecules are possibly the only physical models that take advantage of the analogy between microscopic interactions and macroscopic hard sphere interactions. All the other physical models we commonly used have nothing to do with the microscopic interactions. With beads and suitable beading methods, one can make faithful molecular models of molecules.

Prof. Sonoda volunteered as TA in all of my workshops in Japan. He has now also become an expert of molecular beading. Here he tried to help Prof. Shinmyozu fix the beading problem.

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