Saturday, July 18, 2015

C60's bead models for the International Chemistry Olympiad 2015, Azerbaijan

I am a member of Taiwan Chemistry Olympiad team for the 2015 IChO (International Chemistry Olympiad) which will be held next week at Baku, Azerbaijan. We prepared many C60 bead models as souvenirs for participants from around the world. To make about 200 bead models of C60. we got help from chemistry teachers and many senior students of the Taipei First-Girl School (TFGH). Most of these students have just got acceptances from colleges and have some spare time to help us prepare these beautiful bead models.
However, it is fun to make one's own beaded C60, so Chia-Chin and I also prepared about 200 kits of materials and detailed instruction for making C60.

Friday, July 17, 2015

A few photos from the NTU Chemistry Camp

I gave a workshop for the summer chemistry camp of the chemistry department at the National Taiwan University early this month. This is a summer camp for the local high school students. There are about 60 participants this year. Here a few photos from the workshop:
The title and the first slide of my workshop for the chemistry summer camp:

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Molecular rugby ball vs molecular baseball

I noticed that the last two of C36's fifteen isomers, namely C36:14 (point group, D2d) and C36:15 (D6h), are very similar to a baseball and a rugby ball, respectively. Also, a Stone-Wales transformation can bring one of them to the other.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Workshop at Bar-Ilan University

Tel Aviv, Israel (以色列特拉維夫),2014/11/18

Workshop for visitors from Waseda university

(日本早稲田大學師生, 2015/5/7)

Bead model of a Trinoid

Tsai-Rong Liu (劉采容), an undergraduate at chemistry department of the National Taiwan University, built this interesting graphitic structure which approximates the trinoid, a minimal surface with three catenoid openings. Similar graphitic surfaces with k catenoid openings, i.e. k-noids, can be built similarly.