Monday, June 11, 2012

Visiting Horibe and workshop at Nagoya Child and Family Center

Under the great arrangement of prof. Sonoda, I have this opportunity to visit Mr. Horibe in his place in the Aichi prefecture last Saturday (6/9/2012), two days before I returned back to Taiwan. It was really nice to meet him and saw many of his amazing mathematical beadworks. But, he doesn't speak English, so I can only communicate with him mainly through the translation of Prof. Sonoda. Most often, they spoke to each other in Japanese. But I still had plenty of time taking pictures and inspected his beadworks. I hope my understanding about his work is correct. I will post some of his beadworks and also compare his works with mine in the next few posts. But what I wrote could be my misunderstanding.

I knew Mr. Horibe and his beadworks through Prof. Sonoda two years ago. As I mentioned before that Prof. Sonoda is a missionary of cube kaleidoscope and has the passion to share this activity to kids all over the world. He visited Taiwan two years ago to give not only his own chemistry research, but also a workshop on the cube kaleidoscope. I participated both events and also shown him my works on beaded molecules. After he returned to Japan, he knew quite accidentally from a secretary of Prof Ono that a local high school teacher had set up a website which contains a lot of similar mathematical beadworks. So prof. Sonoda informed me about Horibe's beadworks immediately. Finally we have the chance to meet each other.

On Sunday, Mr. Horibe and his wife also participated the workshop held at Nagoya Child and Family Center near B's Hotel hosted by Ms Hiroe Takeuchi (6/10/2012).

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数数数 said...

Although the high school which is working is located in Aichi Prefecture, a house is located in Tajimi-city, Gifu Pre.
HORIBE Kazunori