Friday, June 8, 2012

Japanese translation of 珠璣科學─串珠碳六十

Prof. Inoue (井上吉教) of Hikone prefecture university and one of his Chinese students kindly translated my article "珠璣科學─串珠碳六十" (The Science of Beading - Beaded C60) with Dr. Tsoo for the March issue of the "Science Monthly (科學月刊)" magazine.

(New post, scanned images 6/12/2012)

Prof. Inoue also made a few fullerenes as shown in the following pictures. I didn`t check them very carefully. Possibly, one of them is the icosahedral C80 and another is the cylindrical shape C84. There seems to be a fullerene belonging to D3h point group.

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