Sunday, November 8, 2009

Some photos from another store carrying gemstore beads

I have never used gemstone beads to create beaded fullerenes. I find it too expensive. Chuang have constructed many beaded fullerenes with gemstone beads though. I have posted some of them on this blog. You can find them though the label, "gem stone".
I went to the Yan-Ping North Road (延平北路) this weekend. On this street and nearby neighborhood, you can find a lot of interesting stores. I took a few pictures outside several stores close to Mamabear (小熊媽媽). I figured they may not be happy if I took pictures inside the stores.

The following pictures were from "Crystal Supermarket" (水晶超市). This store carries a wide varieties of gemstone beads including cat's eye stones, opal, crystal, and many other gem stones which I do not know.

The prices for these stones are expensive to me. Typically, I need several hundreds of beads for a small fullerene and thousands for larger structure such as high-genus fullerenes.

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