Monday, November 23, 2009

More photos of Beaded Trefoil Knot

Here are several photos I took when I was working on the beaded trefoil knot last weekend. It is now obvious to me why we should take such a weaving path for making beading trefoil knot. I have mentioned several difficulties before. Originally, I thought that these difficulties cannot be overcome without using several different sizes of beads. But beading can be very flexiable since we don't need to make them very tight. If we allow the structure be loose, then anything kind of graphs can be weaved in principle. Of course, the resulting structures may not be rigid or similar to what we would like to have for a fullerene.

In the following photos, one can see the intermediate structures before I started to weave the final strip of polyacene is quite flexible. This gives some rooms for us to adjust the structure, so the unavoidable deformation can be redistributed more evenly on the whole structure.

Of course, it is very important to make the first loop connected correctly. :-)

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