Monday, December 5, 2011

Super regular triangle

If the holes on C60 are located at two neighbored pentagons, the angle created between the necks at these two positions is very close to 60 degrees. So one can use three such units to make a triangle consisting of three C60s at position of vertices connected by three CNT (carbon nanotube) struts. This kind of construction scheme seems be proposed by Mr. Horibe first.

Since there are many different ways to puncture holes on a C60 or other Goldberg polyhedra, we can then use different lengths of CNTs to connect them to get complicated 2D or 3D structures. When resulting structures are cage-like, I will call them super fullerenes (超級芙類分子). Here I have a super carbon triangle (超級碳三角, 注意不是鐵三角) and the previous dodecahedron consisting of 20 C60s should be a super dodecahedron (超級十二面體).

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