Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Super carbon tetrahedron

We can make a super carbon tetrahedron (超級碳正四面體) with four C60 building blocks that have three holes drilled on the three pentagons surrounding the same hexagon. Of course, four equal CNTs with suitable length are required to connect these four punctured C60s. Here, in addition to heptagons (blue), one also creates three octagons (purple) and one nonagon (red) on the C60 at each vertex. Of course, this structure was created by Mr. Horibe first.
Building blocks:
Corresponding Schlegel diagram and weaving path for creating a single vertex (punctured C60):

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Anonymous said...

The 'Peano Curve' is a fractal with nine identical line segments and a nonagon is a nine sided polygon... it seems via iteration this space filling fractal may be employed in a similar way as the four sided tetrahedron only as a space filling nine sided nonahedron. It would seem this type of design would be more dense as it has space filling properties.