Sunday, December 11, 2011

Super Buckyball (超級珠璣碳球)

After about ten days of hard working, we finally created this fabulous super Buckyball. I have to thank the alumni association of the Taipei First Girls High School (TFGH), especially the classes 1981, 1971, and 1961, who kindly sponsor this project and donate this super Buckyball to the TFGH as a gift from their 30-, 40-, and 50-years joint reunion.
Of course, the crucial collaborative effort of students (mainly from classes 2She (二射) and 2Yue (二樂)) and teachers of the TFGH makes this super Buckyball possible in about two weeks.
Explaining the weaving path to students:
Students working hard:


Cimbilimbi said...

How I'd love to be a student in a school where you can bead during lessons :)) The Buckyball is fantastic

Caori / Eszti said...

Great project! Congratulations! :)