Wednesday, July 2, 2008

T120 weaving code

Here is the weaving procedure I used for creating T120 toroidal nanotube.
This code is resulting from my experience. The details may vary from time to time.

As I have addressed before, I separate the weaving procedure of a torus into two steps: in the first step, we weave the inner part of the torus; and in the second step, we weave the outer part. It is obvious why the inner part has to be built first, otherwise it will become difficult to weave the inner part if we weave from outer part inward.

You may wonder why I didn't follow the latitude completely for T120. The reason is that I want to avoid the the awkward position that may arise if I follow the latitude from inner part. If I weave all ten heptagons at the beginning, later on, I still need to return back the connected region between hexagons and heptagons. Usually, it is quite difficult to do that if I use 4mm beads. For larger beads, it may be ok to weave completely along latitude coordinate.

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