Wednesday, July 16, 2008

C60 with cylindrical beads

Here is the C60 made from the cylindrical beads. The advantage of using this kind of beads is that the beaded representation is indeed the pi-bond network as we have emphasized repeatedly before. Pedagogically, this is very important for students to understand. Compared with spherical beads, this kind of beads may be better for beginning students since it is closer to chemical bonds introduced in the textbook.

The capsule-shaped beads are not perfect either. The most important disadvantage is the structural stability of physical models created from this kind of beads is not as stable as the same structure made from spherical beads. It is quite easy to distort the shape of this kind of model. The other advantage is that much longer fishing thread is needed to make a model. This makes the construction a little bit harder, particularly for larger systems.

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