Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Beaded D168

Here is the first beaded model of D168. D168 has diamond structure. So it is an extended structure. Here I only made part of the whole structure based on the admantane. We can actually infer from the factorization of 168=7*24=7*12*2=7*3*4*2 many important structural information.

Based on the fact that every heptagon in D168 is connected to seven other heptagons by a 6-6 bonds, and the local structure is a tetrepod, so these two numbers correspond to 7*4 in the factorization. The remaining two number are 3 and 2. Inspecting this structure, we know 3 corresponds to the three heptagons surrounding the neck and 2 is the two tetrapods in a unit cell. Each tetrapod has 84=7*12 carbon atoms.

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