Monday, July 7, 2014

Workshop in Seoul

Mr. Horibe and I will give a workshop for the Bridges conference this coming August. Basically, we will follow the format we had in our joint workshop given in Taiwan this March. Horibe-San will first give a half-hour talk on the Sangaku in general and a special Sangaku problem in particular. And he will further describe the math about this Sangaku problem, particularly its connection to the continued fraction and then proceed to the construction of a physical model of this Sangaku problem before all participants make their own models that consist of 30 small wooden balls and a central large Ping-Pong ball.

Here are two photos of Mr. Horibe from workshop held in the math department of Academia Sinica (in the NTU main campus, Taipei) on Mar. 15.

The workshop paper, From Sangaku Problems to Mathematical Beading: A Hands-on Workshop for Designing Molecular Sculptures with Beads, can be found here (pdf file).

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