Sunday, December 2, 2012

Bead models and Omnitruncated dodecaplex for Math Education meeting

I had an exhibition for a local meeting on math education held in the math-astronomy building (數學天文館) of the National Taiwan University this weekend. Math-Astronomy building is close to the chemistry building, 積學館, where I am working. But I only have two tables for my beadworks. So I chose a few larger ones for this exhibition. The following pictures of my exhibition were taken from the Facebook of Ms. Helen Yu.
Helen also prepared a giant Zometool model, a 3-meter omni-truncated dodecaplex, for this meeting. More than 10 grad students from the theory group of chemistry department and a few students from the math department participated the final stage of this project one day before the meeting. We faced a number of problems during the construction due to the huge size of the model. It is hard for the model to hold its own weight especially when one tried to build the top first. But eventually, we solved almost all of the problems, except the final piece located at the North Pole of this model. Even though one of students is about 197 cm high, still we couldn't fix that one. Fortunately, it is not easy to notice it. So, we decided to leave it slightly incomplete because the model will be dismantled after a week of display in the mathematics/astronomy building.

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