Wednesday, November 21, 2012

G- and D-surfaces in TFGH

Fang-Fei Chou and other teachers of chemistry section of the Taipei First Girl High school (TFGH) started a new bead project based on the slides I made for the anniversary of their school early next month. Using these slides only, they are going to make 2x2x2 G and D surfaces by themselves. Fang-Fei told me that there are about 30 teams in this project, which means they are going to have about 30 giant bead models of TPMS.

Attached is a photo that shows their current progress.
As you can see that their strips are quite long because they use 12mm beads. I made two G surfaces with 6mm and 8 mm beads, respectively. The one made of 6mm beads is about 20x20x20cm. So the G surfaces they are going to make are about 40x40x40cm. I wonder where they are going to put so many gigantic bead models.

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