Sunday, August 5, 2012

Styrofoam ball/rubber band model

Bead models can be viewed as a kind of valence sphere models (or tangent sphere models 價球模型或是切球模型), in which beads represent electron pairs. Similar idea using styrofoam balls and rubber band has been exploited in the 60s by L. Carrol King, a chemistry professor in the Northwestern university. Here is the first styrofoam ball/rubber band model of methane that I made.

Many people use this model to illustrate the valence sphere electron repulsion theory (VSEPR) for molecules with four valence electron pairs. We can easily see that the energy of the model in the square planar configuration is higher than that in the tetrahedral configuration. But one has to be careful in the interpretation because the energy difference in the total energy of these two configurations is from the elastic energy of the rubber band, instead of the repulsion energy among four hard spheres.

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