Monday, August 6, 2012

Quasicrystal zometool model donated to the National Taiwan Science Education Center (NTSEC, 國立臺灣科學教育館).

A few months ago, I decided to donate the two zometool models of quasicrystal and six-layer carbon onion to the National Taiwan Science Education Center (NTSEC, 國立臺灣科學教育館). Finally, Hsin-Yu, Yuan-Chia and some other students of mine moved these two models to the NESEC last week.

Originally, due the the tight budget, we couldn't really make the complete zometool model of quasicrystal consisting of stellated rhombic triacontahedra up to the second level. Fortunately, Ms. Helen Yu, the owner of a local Kindergarden, kindly supported us to finish this two-level quasicrystal structure. Here are a few photos from the special activity with kids from the Helen's Kindergarden.

Yuan-Chia and Hsin-Yu explained the construction rules to Kids:

Kids were working on the basic units:

Hsin-Yu, Bang-Rui, Yuan-Chia, I-Chun, and Hsin-Mu took a picture together in front of this beautiful zometool model of quasicrystal:

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