Monday, March 26, 2012

High-genus fullerenes

I made two more high-genus fullerenes with octagonal necks using 8mm beads and 0.6mm Nylon threads. If I remember everything correctly, Chern and I should have made four of this molecule (one in China and three in U.S.) before.

HG-Fullerenes with octagonal necks No. 5 & No. 6
Since this model contains less than one thousand beads, so I managed to finish one of them in a day.


Colette said...

Less one thousand beads ! I'm right : your are mad ! But so genious !
Can you make a pattern for me ! I'm very curious to know how you begin.
Colette, the old french woman.
Thanks for your work, so funny and interesting... said...

This one contains less a thousand beads, I believe. Also check this post, procedure-of-creating-high-genu.