Monday, March 5, 2012

Building blocks for pseudo D-type Schwarzite

I just noticed that I already have a picture of punctured C84 in the logo of this blog the other day. I checked my photo library and found another picture of this model which was taken almost five years ago. I possibly made this bead model after reading the paper on Nature with title "Energetics of negatively curved graphitic carbon" by Lenosky et al. (1992 vol. 355, 333-335).

However, we now know this is not a true triply periodic minimal surface. The correct D surface should partition the space into two congruent parts. It is not possible to get such a structure if one use heptagons.

Of course, we now know how to make a correct D-type Schwarzite which exactly partition the space into two identical regions. Wei-Chi made this beautiful bead model of D-type Schwarzite a few years ago.

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