Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Three beadworks for the Joint Mathematical Meeting

Chern and I submitted three beadworks, P-, D- and G-TPMSs, for
the mathart exhibition of Joint mathematical Meeting which is going to be held in Boston next January.

Here I took the two photos from the JMM site:
the first one is the G-TPMS view from another angle:

Beaded Fullerene of Schoen's G Surface
18.5cm x 18.5 cm x 20cm
Faceted plastic beads and fish thread

and also the D-TPMS

Beaded Fullerene of Schwarz's D Surface
23cm x 21cm x 18 cm
Faceted plastic beads and fish thread
2008 (constructed by my former student Wei-Chi Wei)

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LUCY said...

Esto es magnifico me deja con la boca abiera....precioso trabajo.....