Wednesday, November 16, 2011

D surface constructed from four helical strips

There is another way to build a D-type triply periodic minimal surface (TPMS) with beads. Chern has told me previously that one can not only use helical strips to build G-type TPMS, one can also use exactly the same helical strips to build D-type TPMS. If one examine two helical strips carefully, one can find that there are exactly two different ways to put them together. One gives a D-type TPMS, the other one gives a G-type surface!

The following pictures are a bead model of D-surface consisting of four helical strips. Two of them are left handed, the other two are right handed. To build a D-surface, one has to put two helical strips together in an arrangement such that two neighbored strips are mirror-symmetric to each other. So the overall structure of D-surface is not chiral.
It is useful to look at other posts with the keyword helical strip, especially the one on the G-surface created by patching two helical strips with one strip shifted by half pitch.

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