Friday, October 30, 2009

Two more CNTTKs

I have made another two slides of CNT trefoil knot. They look different from the previous post.

This one use the graphitic sheet as background.

I took the heat of formation away. Hope that can make them more artistic.


Chuang Chern said...

This is neat and great! I like the one with black background, which suits the colorful molecule well.

Bih-Yaw Jin said...

I am glad that you like it. All these slides (posters) were made by the standard selection in Keynote (mac).

Originally, I took the Escher' work from the google searching. The quality of the picture is really bad. I then decided to scan the picture from the books we have on the Escher's works. The result is very good even if I enlarge the slides. I guess we can make a poster in this way. Additionally, I have deliberately taken the background of the original Escher's knot away. But when the poster is enlarged, one can still see the background slightly. More works may be needed, though.

I also wish we can try some other possibilities. Particularly, different color scheme for the CNTTK such as something like Escher's knot.

Bih-Yaw Jin said...

Don't forget that the black background is in fact a graphene! :-)