Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cat's eye gemstone T120

Cat's eye gemstones are perfect materials for making high-quality beaded molecules. Although the price for 6mm beads is more expensive that that of plastic beads, it is still within the affordable range. Here are another two T120s made from the 6mm cat's eye gemstones. I guess the raw materials for one T120 cost about US$10 dollars.

constructed by Chuang


Anonymous said...

The "Cat's eye gemstone T120" is absolutely beautiful. Is there anywhere with instructions so I can try my hand at it?

Bih-Yaw Jin said...

I wrote instruction for construction of T120 in this post.

Additionally, I also posted the 3-D structure of this molecule. You can examine the relative position of pentagons and heptagons easily through this post.