Friday, August 3, 2007

More thoughts on public arts

Prof. S.-F. Cheng told me that the public arts installed in our department have to be through a process of 公開招標, so it is not easy for our group to become qualified.

Yesterday, when I went to the men's room in the second floor of chem building, I noticed that there is a large empty bench right in front of toilet. It is not a bad idea to put some display there. Artwork made by beaded network can be a good choice. We can also ask for a competition for finding the best display to put on that bench in each Men's or Women's room. I suspect there are
benches somewhere in women's room.

In addition to beaded artworks, I will also be happy if I can put a bubble machine in, say, second floor's men's or women's room for people to enjoy the wonder of science even in the restroom. The kind of bubble machine I have in mind is basically a closed tank made of two large transparent glasses separated by about 10 cm. This is similar to a standard fish tank. The only difference is the depth of the tank is much thiner so that the soap film can form easily in between. Soap solution is in a special container at the bottom. Soap solution can then be blown into the tank to form beautiful foam once the fan is turned on by any people who want to play. Of course, the lighting on top of the device could play an important role.

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