Saturday, August 25, 2007

Google sketchup for molecular modeling?

I checked the google 3D warehouse and found many interesting models including domes, polyhedrons, buckyballs. I am wondering the possibility of creating either the arbitrary sp2 carbon structures or more challangingly the beaded models with the google sketchup, which seems to be a very good free software for the 3D CAD.

The figure below shows a few sample objects I found from the 3D warehouse.

Personally, I found the polyhedral dome in the upper right corner interesting. It would be interesting if we can build toroidal-shaped dome. Additionally, the google sketchup seems to provide the best free software for us to play with the idea of public arts.

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Chuang Chern said...

It seems good for me to learn to make elegant figures by this sketching tool and I'm trying to do so. It may be the best one to make the desired schematic plots for now.