Sunday, April 8, 2007

P-type Carbon Schwartzite: Periodic Minimal Surface

Chuang Chern made this beautiful model of carbon Schwarzite of type P a few months ago. I didn't take picture for this model until now. There are some other types of Schwartzites such as the type D system, which I have made one right after I saw Chuang's work.

Although the details of weaving are quite complicated, the resulting beaded model is beautiful. It is easy to see that the P-type Schwartzite as shown in the figure (just one unit cell) belongs the octahedral symmetry. Due to the translational symmetry, the whole periodical structure can be extended along six directions indefinitely. I wish we can make a beaded model with eight-unit cell for this system.

This model is made of 10mm faceted beads. The physical dimension is much larger compared with the other models (4mm beads usually) we have made.

In one of pictures in the previous post, if you are careful enough, you should be able to find a beaded model corresponding to the D-type Schwartzite.

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