Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Beaded Models of 12 Stable T240 isomers

Finally, I have all 12 isomers of T240:

The corresponding computer-generated geometry for these models are

The one with orange color is the newest T240 I made. I knew this one should exist long time ago. But I don't know why I didn't make this one until a few weeks ago.

The first three tori in the bottom row are chiral isomers of T240. I have only made one for each pair of the enantiomers. If these three are counted twice, the total number of stable isomers of T240 should be 15 as I mentioned before.

Among all of these models, I like the four in the first row and the three in the right column most because the symmetry and shape these six isomers have. In fact I have made several duplicates of the top four and the middle one in the right column. But all of them have been given away as souvenir. Now these are the only T240 I have.

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