Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Two pictures from Gabala, Azerbaijan

I took a few pictures of bead models I brought to Azerbaijan.
The first one is a model of EMACs (extended metal atom chain) with 9 metal ions. This model was made by Qian-Rui Huang many years ago.
The second one is a model of zeolite which I gave to Prof. Yin-Xia Wang of Beijing Univeristy as a gift. She is an exert on zeolites.


NUandnu beading fantasy said...

Your molecules are great! I loved the color and unique idea! Now I started to think may be I shoud bead the phosphlipid molecule I am working with ;0).
Good luck in your studies,

Bih-Yaw Jin said...

Thanks. Phosphlipid molecule, sounds interesting! Could be too floppy for spherical beads to catch their force field reasonably.