Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Beaded Hilbert Curve (Step Two)

A couple of years ago I made a (half of a) Hilbert curve, as I recall it was inspired by a conversation with Bih-Yaw. And soon I forgot about this and went on to other beaded molecules. It was at the Bridges this year that I came across the 3D-printed sculptures of Dr. Henry Segermen. Then I decided to make another beaded model for this amazing mathematical figure.

I finished submitting this, together with a short introduction on both the novelty of the beading technique and the curve itself, to the Joint Mathematics Meeting 2013, which will be held in San Diego next January. I don't think I could physically be there at the meeting, though.


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Mariposa said...

Another beaded Hilbert Cube: http://mariposa8000.blogspot.de/2012/03/transformers.html

Chuang Chern said...

That's a wonderful and neat realization of Hilbert curve! And indeed I found the same "transformer" like configuration that this bead work can adopt quite intriguing. Above all, I'm greatly surprised that someone can even make this with 2mm beads!