Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Zometool models at the Quasicrystal international conference

The newest Nobel laureate in Chemistry, D. Shechtman, was invited to Taiwan to participate a quasicrystal international conference held in the National Taipei University of Technology (May 7-9), a university very close to the National Taiwan University where I am working.
Yuan-Chia, Qian-Rui, and Hsin-Yu moved the two large zometool models, a 3D quasicrystal consisting of two types of golden rhombohedra (prolate and oblate) and a six-layer carbon onion (C20, C80, C180, C320, C500, and C720), to the conference's lobby area. Most participants seem to enjoy these two types of quasicrystal models, cluster and tiling, a lot.
Prof. Shechtman took a picture of me in front of the zometool model of carbon onion.

I also gave Prof. Shechtman a bead model of high-genus fullerene, a topologically nontrivial quasicrystal :-), as a gift.

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