Friday, January 13, 2012


I am planning on writing some articles in Chinese about beading and science for the local science magazine "Science Monthly (科學月刊)". The first article entitled "八字編與正多面體" (Figure Eight Stitch and Platonic Solids) in this series "珠璣科學 (Zhu-Ji Science)" has just shown up in pp. 72-73 of the January issue.

According to the ancient Chinese dictionary Shuōwén Jiězì (說文解字), published in the early 2nd century around the Han Dynasty, Zhu(珠)means pearls of mussel (蚌之陰精); Ji(璣) means nonspherical beads or small beads (《釋文》璣,珠不圓也。字書云:小珠也。). Usually, Zhu-Ji (珠璣) are used together to mean very precious things or pearls of something.

I will talk about C60 and its bead model in the next article.

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