Monday, May 9, 2011

A new trefoil knot

Here is a new trefoil knot by Chern. Unlike the previous trefoil knot, this new construction has much less strain and distortion. In this sense, the corresponding fullerene structure should be more stable.

(I gave this model to Prof. Qian-Er Zhang 張乾二 in Xian last August. Feb. 4, 2013)


Eva Maria Keiser said...

Eva Maria

PammH said...

This is amazing. I can't believe I've just learned of this blog/site. I love geometric beading, and I'm always begging my husband (a biochemist) for illustrations/diagrams of molecules. Needless to say - hasn't happened. I do have the Platonic Solids and the Archimedian solids on my site at: I'd love to post them.