Sunday, December 12, 2010

My C168

I have made only one beaded C168, which I gave to Dirk Huylebrouck, a math professor in the department of architecture in Belgium, at the Bridges conference this summer. I took the following photo of this bead model at the Hotel in Pecs, Hungary. I am thinking about making another one, maybe this time with giant beads just like Mr. Horibe has used. Unlike Mr. Horibe, I prefer using different colors for nonhexagons. In this structure, all heptagons are in purple beads. One can easily see that these heptagons are separated by on beads (carbon carbon bonds). In this sense, we can call C168 is the buckyball in the hyperbolic space.

Another two photos that contains more bead models I brought to Bridges conference.

Many of these beadworks are given away as souviners for other attendee. The helically coiled carbon nanotube is given to Laura Shea and the high-genus fullerene is to M. Longuet-Higgins. Toroidal carbon nanotube (T120) with 120 carbon atoms or 180 beads (cat-eye stons) is given away to G. Hart. T120 is made by Chern Chuang. All other small beaded balls are gone too. Many of these small beaded balls are made by Q.-R. Huang. The only three left is the bead models for the P-type triply periodic minimal surface, Shoen's I-WP surface and the trefoil knot, respectively.

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