Saturday, May 22, 2010

Talk given at the Quaker church, Chia-Yi (嘉義市貴格教會 May 4, 2010)

My college classmate, Prof. Liao, invited me to Chung-Cheng university (中正大學) to give a talk. Chung-Cheng university is located at Chia-Yi county, a city in the southern Taiwan. The subject of my talk is about quantum transport through a single molecular wire consisting of multiply connected pathways. Another college classmate, Du, who is a priest at Quaker church of the Chia-Yi city (嘉義市貴格教會), also come by to listen my talk. We have not seen each other for almost 20 years since the last time we met at Boston when we were still graduate students. After the talk, we went to his church. Du insisted me to give a short talk about the beading at his place since his wife was trained as a mathematician originally, and might be interested in this subject. So, I gave a 30-min talk. Here are some photos from the talk:

Beginning of the talk

People seem to be interested in the talk at the beginning:

Getting bored?

A really bad example as an audience :-)

The end of my talk:

I had a picture with the family:

I had a picture with the only kid who didn't fall asleep. She might be a potential scientist or artist.

Liao, Du, and me:


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