Monday, September 8, 2008

Abstract for the Proposal 2008



In this proposal, we continue the project in academic year 2007 named ┌Chemistry, Geometry, and Art: The Beaded Molecules┘, in which we discussed the viability of handicraft beading to represent general fullerene molecules with all sorts of topologies and geometries. We will further focus on newly discovered zeolite/triply periodic minimal surfaces and, in particular, high genus structures, which scarcely appear in the literature. As we have learned in previous experience, the beaded molecules nicely simulate fullerenes with finite variations on their embedded geometrical object such as icosahedrons in the usual Ih-symmetric fullerenes. This is originated from the fact that the interplay between the hard-sphere interaction between adjacent beads and the tensile force exerted by the thread inevitably results in a relatively high recovery force constant, in other words, the beaded model has high mechanical stability. We believe that in the mean while students making beaded molecules will be acquainted with molecular geometry besides having a great deal of pleasure about the beauty of beaded molecules. Short-term workshop teaching the basic theory and techniques of beading beaded fullerene will be presented. Refinement and augmentation of currently established homepage and other internet resources will be made.

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