Tuesday, July 31, 2007

String for beadings

Previously, I have always used fishing string for beading. There is no particular reason since everyone who beads uses it. Chuang made a giant beaded T120 with plastic crystal beads last month with fishing line. Chuang used that T120 as a 宇宙能量枕 everynight to gather the cosmo energy probably. Apparently, the string was not strong enough, so it broke apart eventually.
I mentioned this to Prof. Chien of NTNU, he said we should use racquet string typically for badminton or tennis to tight up our giant beaded molecules. These racquet strings have much better mechanical properties. If we want to make giant beaded fullerenes for public display, it seems to me this is the best way to get strong, durable, light-weighted objects. Thanks for Prof. Chien for his wonderful suggestion again.

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