Monday, December 4, 2006

Carbon Toroids with D5h Symmetry

Up to now, all of the toroids I made and posted here belong to either D5d or C5 point groups. Molecules with D5d symmetry have mirror symmetry. So they are achiral compounds. But those molecules with C5d symmetry are chiral.

In addition to these types of compounds, there exists the third kind of toroids with D5h symmetry. Since they have inversion symmetry, molecules belongs to this catogory are optically inactive. I have made two beaded toroids of this kind this weekend. Both contain 240 carbon atoms.

Interestingly, these two are connected to each other by the Stone-Wales transformation.

D5h T240 a
From Craft Projects

D5h T240 b
From Craft Projects

Geometry generated by Chuang.

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